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Robot Dinosaur Warrior War


Hello my friends. Today in our brand new game, you will have the opportunity to play a very different game from what you have played before. You will see one excellent robot. It is a great robot dinosaur with marvelous war skills. At the beginning of game, you need to try your best to assemble each part of the robot that we have given. At first you need to make its body parts. Choose those given parts that hanging by the chain lines and make them together to make the dinosaur central body. Then you can use the same methods to assemble its feet, head and tail parts. At last you need to make the weapon guns that the dinosaur needs to use. When the dinosaur robot is ready with everything, you can show us every war skill that he has. He can jump, go forward and back coming. You can also let the robot use his guns and spit fire to protect our living world. Have fun. Features:1. Assemble the robot dinosaur body parts and weapons 2. Show us each skill of the robotHow to play: 1. Use the hanging parts to assemble the robot central body parts 2. Use the same method to make the robot heads, feet and weapon3. Let the robot jump, go forward and back coming 4. Show us his gun weapon skills 5. Let the dinosaur split fire